Aspire Counseling

Aspire Counseling

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Aspire Counseling ( offers mental health services to Montgomery County's diverse citizens. The behavioral health services provided via Aspire Counseling’s community programs help low-income, uninsured people recover from challenging life situations. These situations are often short-term, and with the right tools, people recover. There is no other organization that provides this type of short-term therapy in community settings, at no or low cost for the uninsured and low-income in Montgomery County.

Serves: Montgomery County

What a donation buys:

• $250 buys therapeutic toys for counseling young children.

• $1,000 provides 12 sessions of home-based counseling to a very-low-income mother with postpartum depression.

• $10,000 provides a year of mental health counseling to 40 uninsured children and adults.

Volunteer opportunities:

• Ongoing: Provide IT, fundraising or Spanish translation help.

• Internships


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