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Bethesda Magazine is the magazine for people living in Bethesda and the surrounding towns. Lively, entertaining and informative, Bethesda Magazine covers the topics that are interesting and important to Bethesda-area residents, including restaurants, real estate, home design and décor, community issues (e.g., schools, traffic, development), arts and entertainment, and people. Bethesda Magazine is published six times a year and is available in print and as a digital edition. Click here for subscription information.


BethesdaMagazine.com is the online gathering place for people living in—or interested in—the Bethesda area. The website features Bethesda Beat, a local daily news service, a dining guide, stories from the current issue of Bethesda Magazine and an archive of stories from past issues.

Bethesda Beat

Bethesda Beat is a daily local news briefing on BethesdaMagazine.com. Bethesda Beat covers the latest news from Bethesda and the surrounding towns, with a focus on politics, development issues, crime, education, real estate and the dining scene. You can sign up to receive the Bethesda Beat daily e-newsletter by clicking here.

Newcomers Guide

The Newcomers Guide is an annual publication for people who are moving to Montgomery County. Published each April in print and as a digital edition, the Newcomers Guide provides essential information on real estate, neighborhoods, schools, health care, recreational opportunities and much more. Click here to access the free digital edition.

Arlington Magazine

Arlington Magazine is co-owned by Steve Hull, editor and publisher of Bethesda Magazine; and Greg Hamilton, Arlington Magazine’s president and publisher. Published six times a year, Arlington Magazine explores and celebrates life in Arlington, McLean and Falls Church. Lively, local, relevant and thought provoking, Arlington Magazine helps readers enjoy the good life that Arlington offers, but does not shy away from covering the challenges the community faces.

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