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Tout De Sweet Expanding For More Seating

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The macarons and mini mousse cakes at Bethesda’s Tout de Sweet have helped create a stable and profitable boutique bakery for the husband and wife team of Jerome and Sofia Colin.

The shop (7831 Woodmont Ave.) has been going strong for a little more than three years, but the small space has never had enough seating.

That will change in June when Tout de Sweet knocks out the wall dividing it and the vacant former Gaylord Lamps and Shades space next door. The bakery will close for the first two weeks of June. By the end of the month, Sofia Colin hopes the work will be done.

“It’s been getting better and better but we need more seating and a bigger kitchen,” Colin said. “Weekends are just crazy. I think we do need it to have more seating to be able to accommodate more people and groups of people.”

It also helps that Tout de Sweet will be able to expand without having to relocate. The bakery approached its landlord when Gaylord relocated to River Road last October. The expansion will take up a portion of the former Gaylord space.

“We asked because we saw it as an opportunity to expand next door. We don’t have to relocate and we’re pretty much doubling our space,” Colin said.

Tout de Sweet will be opening its online shop at the same time as the expanded bakery. The expansion will also allow for a bigger kitchen and bigger display case. The macarons, mini mousse cakes and seasonal items will remain and a few newer items will likely be added to the menu.

Photo via Tout de Sweet