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The top 20 highest-paid employees in MCPS in 2020

Central office staffers collect largest paychecks, data shows

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The top 20 highest paid Montgomery County Public Schools employees — all central office staff — earn an average of $212,095 each year, according to school district records obtained by Bethesda Beat.

The highest paid employee, Superintendent Jack Smith, earns $290,000 per year. In 2020, he declined a raise as part of his new, four-year contract due to the financial constraints caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Smith last week announced he will retire this spring.

Collectively, the 20 highest paid employees earn about $4.2 million annually, less than 1% of the district’s overall budget. Eleven earn a salary of $186,500.

Twelve of the top paid employees are women, and about half are people of color.

The following information is from Fiscal Year 2020, which began July 1, 2019, and does not include benefits. Since that time, some staff members may have resigned or changed positions.

The top 20 highest paid employees in MCPS are:

• Jack Smith, superintendent: $290,000
• Monifa McKnight, deputy superintendent: $240,900
• Kim Statham, administrator on special assignment: $230,500
• Janet Wilson, chief of teaching, learning and engagement: $216,500
• Henry Johnson, chief of staff: $206,500
• Karen Stratman, chief of staff: $206,500
• Derek Turner, chief of engagement, innovation and operations: $206,500
• Lori-Christina Webb, Board of Education chief of staff: $206,500
• Natalia Ahn, general counsel: $200,000
• Pete Cevenini, associate superintendent of technology: $186,500
• Sherwin Collette, associate superintendent of labor relations: $186,500
• Cheryl Dyson, associate superintendent of school support and engagement: $186,500
• Niki Hazel, associate superintendent of curriculum and instructional programs: $186,500
• James Koutsos, area associate superintendent: $186,500
• Kevin Lowndes, associate superintendent of special education: $186,500
• Dan Marella, associate superintendent of finance: $186,500
• Essie McGuire, associate superintendent of operations: $186,500
• Diane Morris, area associate superintendent: $186,500
• Helen Nixon, associate superintendent of human resources: $186,500
• Ruschelle Reuben, associate superintendent of student and family support and engagement: $186,500.