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Montgomery College to give employees bonuses for their pandemic work

All of the staff can return to campus in July

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Montgomery College employees will get bonuses as a “thank you” for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a meeting Monday night, the college’s Board of Trustees authorized the one-time payments for all staff members, including part-time and student workers.

“We’ve gone through amazing twists and turns as a broader society and as a college this year, and our employees have worked hard throughout,” said Mike Knapp, chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The amount each person will receive varies based on salary and status, a model developed on a “financial equity model,” according to college documents.

The documents say the payments will not affect the college’s budget because “cost savings were achieved” during emergency closures caused by the pandemic.

“In an effort to recognize employees’ sacrifice, hard work, and dedication, which were significant factors in the College’s ability to maintain the continuity of operations and excellent service to our students, it is appropriate to invest these savings back to our employees,” the documents say.

The payments are:

• $1,400 to all benefits-eligible employees with salaries less than $75,000
• $1,200 to all benefits-eligible employees with salaries between $75,000 and $99,000
• $1,000 to all benefits-eligible employees with salaries $100,000 or more
• $750 to all part-time employees who had an assignment in Fiscal Year 2021
• $750 to all workforce development and continuing education faculty who had an assignment in Fiscal Year 2021
• $750 to all “active casual temporary” employees
• $750 to all student aid and work study students

Montgomery College has been operating largely in a virtual model since the pandemic began in March 2020. There have been some limited in-person classes for specific programs, but most employees have worked remotely for the duration.

During Monday’s meeting, College President DeRionne Pollard said all staff members will be allowed to return to campus beginning July 6.

Beginning Aug. 2, everyone not approved for remote work will be expected to begin “rotating back into campus.”

“It’s going to be a transition for us, but the college has been working on this for months,” Pollard said.

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