Hogan Endorses Hoeber in 6th District Race

Hogan Endorses Hoeber in 6th District Race

Governor faults Washington and says candidate's experience is needed there

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Gov. Larry Hogan, right, said Wednesday he would raise money and campaign for Amie Hoeber, the Republican 6th congressional district candidate.

Douglas Tallman

Gov. Larry Hogan endorsed Republican Amie Hoeber of Potomac to be the 6th congressional district’s representative Wednesday, saying her experience in the Pentagon and as a businesswoman is needed in Washington.

“Amie Hoeber is a smart woman, she’s got a great background, but can she really win in the 6th District in Maryland? I’m telling you, ‘Yes, she can,’ ” Hogan told more than 120 Republican faithful gathered at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg.

Hogan cited his own “surprise victory” in November 2014 as proof that Republicans can win in Democrat-heavy Maryland.

Hoeber, he said, can help fix problems in Washington. She was Deputy Under Secretary of the Army under President Reagan, later forming her own consultancy advising business and government on defense, homeland security and environmental cleanup programs.

“Washington is broken. Nothing ever gets done in Washington,” Hogan said. “Everybody is the 6th District, everybody in the state of Maryland, people all across the country, are frustrated that our leadership in Washington is non-existent. That nothing ever seems to happen, nothing gets done. It’s professional politicians who just seem to argue all the time and never accomplish anything. Let me tell you, we can’t have that kind of leadership representing us anymore.”

The 6th district includes Germantown, Clarksburg and Damascus. It also makes a pincer shape around Rockville, taking in parts of Potomac, Gaithersburg and Aspen Hill but excluding most of the county seat.

Rep. John Delaney of Potomac, who is running for re-election, has represented the state since 2012, when he defeated 20-year incumbent Roscoe Bartlett, a Republican, after the Democratic-controlled General Assembly redrew the district lines. In a statement, he said Hogan's endorsement of Hoeber was no surprise. “Obviously the governor is endorsing her, that’s his job as the top Maryland Republican," Delaney said. "What Amie Hoeber needs to explain is her unwavering support for [GOP presidential candidate] Donald Trump and his agenda to weaken our national security, balloon our deficit, threaten our economy and isolate us from the world.”

Meeting with reporters after making his endorsement, Hogan said his criticism of Washington leadership wasn’t aimed specifically at House Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“I wasn’t talking specifically about anyone or I would have mentioned it,” he said. “Nothing ever gets done in Washington and we need new people to represent us.”

Hogan said he would help Hoeber raise money and campaign throughout the district.

“We’ve agreed to give whatever help she needs. We’ll help her raise money and help her campaign,” he said. He’s planning a several-day tour in Western Maryland in the second week of October.

Hoeber said she had “adequate” money to run a campaign in the 6th District.

If elected, Hoeber would be the only woman representing Maryland in the House of Representatives.

“I think that is not good for Maryland. I am not running as a woman, on the other hand but I can hardly deny it. I think diversity is a good thing. And I think I would bring a different perspective,” she said.


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