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After PayPal Cancels Plans for North Carolina Expansion, State Delegate Invites Company to Maryland

Del. Kirill Reznik wrote to PayPal CEO who announced this week the company won't open in Charlotte after governor signed controversial Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act

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District 39 Del. Kirill Reznik

After PayPal announced North Carolina’s passage of a controversial new law limiting protections for LGBT people meant it would no longer open an operations center in Charlotte, a delegate from Montgomery County is inviting the California-based company to open its center in Maryland

“Every time it feels like we as a country are making progress towards more justice and equality, acts like this remind us that we still have a long way to go. Judging by your brave and selfless announcement that PayPal will no longer move forward with its plans to locate your new global operations center to Charlotte, NC, I know you feel as I do,” wrote District 39 Del. Kirill Reznik in a letter sent Thursday to PayPal CEO Dan Schulman. “These recent events notwithstanding business must go on, and in light of your recent decision, I would like the opportunity to introduce you to Maryland as an ideal location for you to consider as an alternative to North Carolina.”

In March, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law a measure invalidating Charlotte’s LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance and similar laws in other localities, arguing the ordinance could allow “for example, a man to use a woman’s bathroom, shower or locker room.”

The Charlotte ordinance included sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes under the city’s existing anti-discrimination law.

On Tuesday, Schulman said his online payment company “just couldn’t proceed” with its plans for a 400-employee facility in Charlotte because of the decision.

“With the passage of the bill, it really goes against the values of our company and we just couldn’t proceed forward,” he told The Charlotte Observer.

Reznik, who represents parts of Montgomery Village, Germantown and North Potomac, wrote Schulman about the large presence of federal government agencies in the state, its universities and existing big corporations and the fact it was the first state in the country to pass marriage equality by ballot referendum.

“Your corporate citizenship and innovative spirit would be welcomed and prized in our great State,” Reznik wrote. “I hope that you will strongly consider us in making your move to the east coast, and my office stands ready to help you, should you need any assistance in exploring us as an option.”


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In light of the unfortunate discriminatory legislation passed in North Carolina and the courageous decision by PayPal…

Posted by Delegate Kirill Reznik on Thursday, April 7, 2016