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Wells Fargo bank in Potomac robbed for second time in three weeks

No arrests made, police say

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A male robbed a Wells Fargo bank in Potomac on Monday, a Montgomery County police spokeswoman said. The bank has been robbed twice in three weeks.

Police got a call for a robbery around 12:05 p.m. on Monday at the Wells Fargo at 9812 Falls Road, police spokeswoman Sgt. Rebecca Innocenti told Bethesda Beat. Innocenti said a male obtained money and fled.

As of 3:45 p.m. no arrests had been made, Innocenti said. She did not have additional details.

Someone robbed the same bank on April 14, implying they were armed to the teller, police said in a press release. Police released an 18-second surveillance video, which shows someone wearing a red rain jacket and a facemask inside a building.

Innocenti said she did not know if there was a connection between the two robberies.

Innocenti said police don’t disclose how much money is stolen from banks because it could make the business a target and encourage others to steal.

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