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UPDATED: Two accused of orchestrating $6,400 check scam

Police said they used victims’ Instagram accounts for fraudulent money transfers

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This story was updated at 8 p.m. on Oct. 27, 2020 to add a comment from Julenni Mora’s attorney

Montgomery County police have charged a man and a woman with orchestrating a $6,400 check fraud scam based on “currency exchange.” The man and the woman sent people checks to deposit, then asked the recipients to withdraw money and send it back, police said.

Nassir Eggleston, 24, of Philadelphia, and Julenni Mora, 25, of Germantown, were charged with multiple fraud, forgery and theft offenses.

Police said they carried out a scam in which the victims were four females from Montgomery County and one female from Prince George’s County.

Police wrote in a press release on Tuesday that they learned of the check scam in November 2019. Detectives found that Eggleston was using his Instagram account under the name “unlvckynas” to post photos of himself with cash.

Eggleston would contact female Instagram users, who would allow him to use their accounts. He used their accounts to post photos of bank statements with “large account balances” and advertise that he was making money through “currency exchange,” police said.

Police said Eggleston would contact the females’ friends and ask them if they wanted to participate in the “currency exchange.”

Eggleston told those who said yes that he would send the user a check if they deposited it in their bank account. Eggleston would then tell the victim to withdraw money from their bank account and send it to him, but that they could keep the remaining balance of the check.

Police said in each case, the victim was notified by a bank that the check was fraudulent and they were responsible for the check amount.

Police said detectives determined that Eggleston was sending the money to Mora’s bank accounts either directly or through the victims.

Officers arrested Mora on a warrant June 25 and Eggleston on Sept. 23, police said. Both have since been released on bond.

Mora’s attorney, Raquel Smith, of the Wheaton firm Jezic & Moyse, wrote in an email to Bethesda Beat Tuesday night that her client is “eager to present her side of the case and looking forward to having a fair trial.”
“We believe that, at the conclusion of her case,  she will be acquitted on all counts,” Smith wrote.

Eggleston is being represented by attorney Peter Fayne of the Riverdale firm Rosenberg & Fayne. Fayne could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday.

No court date was listed for either Mora or Eggleston.

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