Rockville To Add Speed Camera to Maryland Avenue

Rockville To Add Speed Camera to Maryland Avenue

Violations have decreased since speed monitoring program started

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A new speed camera will be checking motorists’ driving in Rockville, the city said in a statement Thursday.

On or about Jan. 3, a portable camera unit will be added to Maryland Avenue, near the intersection with South Washington Street. An electronic speed indicator has been near the site of the speed camera for some time. The new camera will monitor eastbound and westbound traffic.

Speed camera violations carry a $40 fine and no points, said Maj. Michael W. England, the Rockville city police field services bureau commander.

“Photo Enforced” signs will be installed, but citations will not be issued for the first 30 days, the statement said. After that grace period, citations will be issued, beginning Feb. 3, for vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit by 12 mph or more, the city said.

City police have been operating speed cameras in school and residential zones since 2007, and the number of citations issued has declined, from a high of 95,796 citations in fiscal 2008 to 31,200 in fiscal 2016, according to Rockville budget documents. Fiscal 2016 ended June 30.

“As time goes on, the number of violations decrease, which is indicative of speeds being slower,” England said.

The cameras have made motorists more cautious, he said.

Countywide, however, violations—and revenue—have increased over roughly the same time period. According to data provided by Montgomery County police, 332,850 violations were issued in fiscal 2008 compared with 415,935 violations in fiscal 2016. The 2016 figure, however, is an 18 percent decrease from the year before.


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