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Man charged with attempted murder from violent 2019 home invasion, kidnapping

Three others previously indicted following Aspen Hill robbery

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A Prince George’s County man was charged last month with attempted murder in connection with a 2019 kidnapping and home invasion in Aspen Hill, according to charging documents.

Three other people were previously charged in connection with the case.

Octavious Carlos Brown, now 29, of Landover, was one of multiple men who kidnapped a male in Silver Spring on June 4, 2019, and drove him to his family’s home in Aspen Hill before one of the robbers shot and injured the victim’s father, police said in charging documents.

The victim, identified as “victim 1,” drove from the Petworth area of Washington, D.C., to Silver Spring around 11:30 p.m. on June 4, 2019, in his Chevrolet Camaro, police said. He saw a car following him and parked at the intersection of Ross Road and Milford Avenue, a residential area.

Police said at least four males who were wearing ski masks and had semiautomatic handguns went up to the victim, beat him with their guns and stole his phone and wallet.

The robbers forced the victim to ride in the back of his Camaro. Three of the robbers got in the Camaro, too, according to documents. The other robbers got in another vehicle and followed the Camaro.

Police said the robbers in the Camaro forced the victim to direct them to his home. The robbers beat the victim more when he told them he didn’t live close by.

Later, the robbers found the victim’s registration and insurance documents in the glove compartment, which gave his Aspen Hill address.

Police said the robbers in each vehicle talked with each other by phone while driving. One robber suggested pulling over to a dark area to kill the victim, “however the group decided against that and proceeded north on Georgia Avenue …,” documents state.

The robbers arrived with the victim at his family’s apartment, where his two sisters, as well as his mother and father, were sleeping.

The robbers woke up the victim’s older sister and mother, pointed guns at them, and forced them to get up. The robbers took the two women into the living room and threatened to rape the older sister if they didn’t get cash and drugs from her brother, who they had kidnapped.

Police said the robbers kept using their guns to hit the victim they had kidnapped, injuring his face and scalp.

Later, the victim’s father woke up and went to see what was happening. One robber shot him three times “from near point-blank range,” according to charging documents. The father fell down and bled “profusely.”

Police said the robbers stole $1,000 and a video game system from the victim, as well as phones from his mother and older sister before fleeing around 1 a.m. on June 5, 2019. Police later recovered the phones and the key to the Camaro.

Officers who went to the scene applied two tourniquets to the father’s legs, which likely saved his life, according to medical personnel. He was later taken to the hospital for his injuries and has since recovered.

His son was also taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries to his forehead and scalp from the beatings.

Police found three shell casings at the scene.

The victim who was kidnapped might have been distributing marijuana, based on his social media profiles, police said. He told police that “he believes he may have been targeted by someone he knows,” documents state.

Detectives used data from cell towers to determine which phones were active at the time and the location of the abduction, according to documents. Police identified three of the suspects as:

  • Lonnie White, now 26
  • Marvin Glen Bond, now 27
  • D’Mond Rasheed Hicks, now 24

White, Bond and Hicks were arrested in August 2019.

They were indicted in October 2019 on charges of attempted murder, armed robbery, assault, kidnapping, home invasion and conspiracy, according to court records. Each has a motions hearing scheduled for July 7 and a trial scheduled to start on Sept. 20.

Police said in charging documents that on Oct. 29, 2020, they got a warrant for a DNA sample from Brown, who was incarcerated for an unrelated crime in Arlington County, Va.

In January 2021, police determined that DNA on two of the shell casings at the scene of the home invasion matched Brown’s DNA.

Police said that on April 13, a “confidential source” told detectives that Brown was involved in the home invasion and was one of the people who beat the victim in the Camaro.

According to court records, Brown was arrested on a warrant on April 19 charging him with one count each of attempted first-degree murder, home invasion, kidnapping, armed carjacking and felony use of a firearm, along with two counts of first-degree assault and three counts of armed robbery.

Brown is due to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on May 14, and is represented by the county’s public defender’s office.

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