Police Probe Officer's Racial Slur; Elrich Blasts Council's Rejection of Union Raises; Stories of Gun Violence Shared at Forum

Police Probe Officer’s Racial Slur; Elrich Blasts Council’s Rejection of Union Raises; Stories of Gun Violence Shared at Forum

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County Police Investigate Video of Officer Using ‘N-Word’

Montgomery County police are expressing regret for a video posted on social media Thursday that included a white officer using a racial slur during an investigation of a report of men trespassing at a White Oak fast-food restaurant. Police said the matter was “contrary to our department’s values” and stated regret for “the disturbing nature of this video.” The video, widely shared on social media and aired on evening television newscasts, prompted statements from elected leaders calling for a complete investigation and late Thursday night, police released video captured by an officer’s video camera of the episode from a different vantage point.


  • Remarkably, the police video is even worse than the snapchat [original post]. Glad to see the police post it quickly. Disgusted with the way the officers handled the entire encounter.
  • Silver Spring police are known for making comments like that and mistreating people of color. As always, the police chief and the commander ignore all the complaints regarding their “precious” officers. If they fire her, a few more officers need to be fired too.
  • This is outrageous, egregious, preposterous.
  • How long will she be bounced from the force? Not very. White people for sure can’t say what she said. Whether that’s fair or not that black people can is just the way it is. No person of any color should say it in my view. Horrible. This officer, like a lot of people these days, forgets that everyone is carrying a video camera. You gotta be careful. Foolish.


Elrich Blasts Council Over Rejection of 9% Raises for Some Union Workers

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich is criticizing the County Council for rejecting the contract with the county’s main government union which would have given raises of more than 9% to some employees. The council’s decision sends the county and union back to the bargaining table to revise the contract.


  • Public employee unions are a farce.
  • Ridiculous. What’s the point of a furlough if the cost savings is made up years later? The majority of County workers, according to the past budgets, have only received 1-3% increases. That’s more reasonable. We are in a fiscal log jam AGAIN and they want 9%.
  • Elrich complained that the county “doesn’t have any money,” so he made steep cuts to services for residents (particularly those with moderate incomes) and infrastructure, yet somehow has managed to afford to give 9% raises to his union boss friends. It’s long been clear that Elrich is only concerned about making the union bosses and his deep-pocketed NIMBY friends happy, so his actions are completely unsurprising, but deplorable nonetheless.


Personal Stories of Gun Violence Shared at Rockville Town Hall Meeting

One day after a fatal school shooting in Colorado, more than 370 people packed the cafeteria at Earle B. Wood Middle School Wednesday night to hear from federal and local lawmakers about efforts to stem gun violence.


  • We’ve had countless “common sense gun control” initiatives over the years, and NONE of them have done a thing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Instead of criminalizing guns, why don’t we actually prosecute the criminals who illegally possess guns? Go to any district court criminal docket and look at how judges “punish” felons in possession of a weapon… nothing happens to them. Instead of creating more and more laws that make it impossible for a responsible person to own a gun, why not enforce the thousands of gun laws already on the books and punish criminals who commit crimes with them???
  • MD needs to become a Shall Issue state and allow the good guys to carry a gun if they choose. Why should only the bad guys have them? They don’t need nor care about gun permits, laws, rules cause crazy people and crooks don’t follow the rules. MD goes the other way and passes every gun control bill they can get their hands on. Let’s heavily regulate shoguns and require background checks, fees, training, etc. Ridiculous.
  • Sadly, I fear we can have all the gun laws we want, but there are so many guns on the streets it is hard to imagine a way to decrease gun violence, short of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Maryland has some of the toughest gun laws in America, yet shootings happen all the time. We have a broken culture combined with easy access to weapons (both illegal and legal). There’s no easy way out and in the meantime, we need to fortify schools, synagogues, and public places. What other choice do we have?


Lawsuit Claims Man, Woman Were Racially Profiled by County Police

A black man and woman are suing Montgomery County after they claim they were racially profiled and illegally detained while county police searched their car three years ago during a traffic stop in Wheaton.


  • How were they racially profiled exactly? Was the officer able to see the race of the driver while following behind them? Also is “constructively arrested” even a thing? I thought it’s being “detained” and police are allowed to do that during a search for their own safety. It’s not an arrest.
  • Yes, police officers have eyes that can see the race of a car’s occupants. Obviously MCPD is in the wrong as they’ve already reprimanded the officer involved. What isn’t agreed upon is how much that should cost MCPD.
  • When the occupants were asked to step out of the vehicle and open the trunk, after a negative database search, this in my view is both unethical and very suspect for being racially motivated. It was also a humiliating power trip, suspending the freedoms they own. Disgraceful violation of human rights.


Damascus High’s Principal Quits, Athletic Director Placed on Leave

Damascus High School Principal Casey Crouse stepped down Tuesday, saying the school needs new leadership “to move forward” after four junior varsity football players were charged with raping their teammates last year in a school locker room hazing. Crouse, the school’s principal for two years, announced her resignation, effective immediately, in a letter sent to Damascus High families. In her letter, she said she will transition to a different, undisclosed position within the school system.


  • “I have done my best to serve with strength, passion, professionalism and integrity.” How does she say she served with integrity when she did not report the rapes immediately to the police? And she gets to keep a position in MCPS?
  • I want to see justice done … The principle needs to held accountable yes but also the students that executed these horrific actions. It seems there is obstruction of justice here. I want to see the families of the abused children get closure. I want to see those abusive students in jail.
  • This is not a resignation. This is a promotion to an administration position that will pay more than principals make.


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