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Week Ahead: County Council Committee To Discuss Closed Men’s Shelter

Plus: Council members to be briefed on county revenues; Planning board to discuss Battery Lane district in Bethesda 

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Week Ahead

Council committee to discuss closed men’s shelter

The County Council’s Health and Human Services committee will meet Monday to discuss the closed men’s shelter on East Gude Drive in Rockville.

The building was closed in the spring after a series of vibrations forced workers and residents to evacuate. The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services has declined to comment on whether it plans to move employees and residents back to the Rockville site.

Committee members will also question the department on the county’s ability to shelter people experiencing homelessness during the cold weather months.

The committee will meet at 2 p.m. in the 7th floor hearing room at 100 Maryland Ave. in Rockville.

Council members will be briefed on county revenues

The Montgomery County Council will receive an annual update on county revenues at its meeting on Tuesday.

Council members receive a briefing on the budget every December from the Department of Finance and Office of Budget and Management.

The county will receive a one-time increase in revenues for fiscal year 2020 due to income tax returns from the state. But revenues for fiscal year 2021 are expected to decrease 0.2% from fiscal 2020, for a total of $99.8 million less than what was expected in June.

The council will discuss the item during the morning portion of its meeting, which begins at 9:30 a.m. in the 3rd floor hearing room at 100 Maryland Ave. in Rockville.

Planning Board to discuss Battery Lane district in Bethesda

The Montgomery County Planning Board will vote Thursday on a plan to allow up to 1,752,000 square feet of development in downtown Bethesda.

The plan calls for razing six aging apartment buildings on Battery Lane and replacing them with new complexes, capped at 160 feet tall. In total, 477 apartments will be replaced with 1,530 new units. At least 15% of them will be moderately priced dwelling units.

The meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the MRO Auditorium at 8787 Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring.