Up to 34 Homes Could Be Taken in Beltway Widening

Up to 34 Homes Could Be Taken in Beltway Widening

Plus: Eight bills Hogan could veto; Kensington high school students create yearbook for gun violence victims

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Study finds that up to 34 homes and four businesses could be taken for planned Beltway widening

A new state study finds that as many as 34 homes and four businesses that lie along the Beltway, should Gov. Larry Hogan’s plan to add four toll lanes to that road and Interstate 270 go forward. No homes would need to be taken along I-270, but up to 1,500 properties would lose part of their land, such as a backyard permanently or temprorarily. The toll lane additions are expected to cut commuting times by as much as 35 percent [Washington Post].

Eight bills Hogan could veto

There are eight bills that Gov. Larry Hogan (R) could potentially veto now that the 90-day legislative session is over. Those bills include a clean energy bill, sponsored by Montgomery County Democratic Sen. Brian Feldman, which mandates that the state’s utilities achieve a 50 % renewable energy benchmark by 2030. It could also include a statewide ban on Styrofoam, sponsored by Montgomery Democrat Sen. Cheryl Kagan, which would take effect July 1. A Hogan veto can be overridden with 29 votes in the Senate, which could happen during a special session that is called to select the next House speaker [Maryland Matters]

Kensington students create yearbook to remember victims of gun violence

Five high school students who attend Temple Emanuel’s upper school in Kensington are creating a yearbook to memorialize victims of mass shootings in 2018. They plan to deliver copies of the yearbook to all 535 members of Congress [NBC4].

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