2014 | News

Two High-Rise Apartments Proposed For Pooks Hill In Bethesda

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A D.C.-based developer will propose two 160-foot tall apartment towers for the mostly unused overflow parking lots around the Marriott Bethesda at 5151 Pooks Hill Road.

Quadrangle Development Corporation will present its sketch plan in a required public meeting set for 7 p.m. on Dec. 15 at the hotel.

Soo Lee-Cho, the attorney representing Quadrangle on the project, said the county’s brand new zoning code made it possible for redevelopment of Marriott’s overflow parking lots to proceed — despite progress stalling on the county’s minor master plan amendment for the area about two years ago.

A rendering of the three previously proposed high-rise apartment buildings on the Pooks Hill Marriott site before the minor master plan for the area was stalled, via Planning DepartmentDevelopers had proposed three new high-rise apartment buildings on the overflow lots, a project that could’ve only been allowed by new zoning in a minor master plan vetted by the Planning Department, Planning Board and County Council.

Lee-Cho said new commercial-residential zoning allows development in the area to go up to 160 feet.

The Pooks Hill Minor Master Plan Amendment was at the scope of work stage, but the Council decided to replace it on the Planning Department’s work schedule with a minor master plan amendment for an environmentally-sensitive area of Clarksburg around Ten Mile Creek.

The previous proposal for three high-rises drew some early opposition from neighbors, many who said they were concerned about the traffic that could be generated from new apartment residents.