2014 | News

Dance Academy Planned For Bethesda Park Building

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A local youth dance academy is in line to take over a vacant building in a Bethesda park.

The Rock Creek Dance Academy, which now holds classes in three different Bethesda schools, is seeking to lease the park activity building at Maplewood-Alta Vista Park (5209 Alta Vista Rd.).

Montgomery Parks began a new push to find tenants for the buildings earlier this year.

According to the Parks Department, it evaluated the dance academy’s proposal based on the program’s business plan, ability to pay the rent and “overall approach to the adaptive reuse including compatibility with the community and park and overall benefit to the public.”

Parks will hold a public meeting during which Rock Creek Dance Academy will provide a more detailed presentation. The meeting, set for Dec. 3 at Maplewood-Alta Vista Park, will come before any final decision on the proposal.

Not all tenants for unused Parks buildings are met with approval from neighbors. Last month, a few neighbors near Lynbrook Park opposed a plan by the daycare leasing the building to build a small fence around the building. The daycare has since dropped the fence plans.

Image via Google Maps