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New state figures show 83 cases of coronavirus disease in Montgomery

Maryland has 244, up nearly 100 in two days

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Figures posted Sunday morning show that the number of coronavirus cases in Montgomery County has increased to 83.

Montgomery County had 51 cases as of Friday, then 68 cases as of Saturday.

Across Maryland, there are 244 confirmed cases, according to figures released Sunday by the state Department of Health.

Maryland had 149 cases as of Friday, then 190 cases as of Saturday.

Health and government officials have emphasized that they expect the number of confirmed cases to grow as more testing is done and accessible.

Montgomery County’s total is the highest in Maryland. Prince George’s County is next, with 40 cases as of Sunday morning.

There have been three deaths in Maryland attributed to coronavirus disease, or COVID-19.

The latest death was announced Saturday night — a woman in her 40s from Montgomery County who had an underlying health condition.

The first two deaths were a Prince George’s County man in his 60s and a Baltimore County man in his 60s. Both also had an underlying health condition, the state Department of Health has said.