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Luxury Condo Project Tops Out On Montgomery Lane

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For a glimpse of the changes coming to one section of Bethesda, check out the construction progress on a five-floor, four-unit luxury condo project at 4825 Montgomery Lane.

The condos have been built as high as the project will go, showing how it and at least two other multi-family residential projects on the way will alter the skyline of what was once a section of single-family houses.

Most of the houses along Montgomery Lane, West Lane and Arlington Road are used for small businesses, medical practices and other professional services.

The 4825 property, at the corner of West and Montgomery Lanes, will include four individual garage doors.
controversial seven-story, 120-unit apartment complex (4831 West Lane) is planned for across the street. And around the corner, crews have demolished a garden apartment building and single-family house to make way for The Lauren, an ultra-luxury condo building.
Renderings via Montgomery County Planning Department