2018 | Government

Maryland Voters Pass Amendment to Bolster Education Funding

Montgomery County passes measure by 242,000 vote margin

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Maryland and Montgomery County voters overwhelmingly approved a Maryland constitutional amendment aimed at generating more school funding through gambling taxes.

Approved by a 280,792 to 38,243 margin in Montgomery County and more than 1.5 million votes statewide, the “lockbox amendment” will ensure tax funds generated from casinos would go directly toward increasing school funding, and stems from voters’ 2012 approval of table games and 2008 support of slot machines.

The amendment will incrementally dedicate gambling tax revenue from casino gambling through 2023 and is expected to generate $125 million for fiscal 2020.

The lockbox amendment will dedicate the revenue as “supplemental to minimum required education funding,” meaning casino revenue could not be counted in the minimum education spending formulas.

Funds are anticipated to be used to provide early education services, grow career and technical education programs, allow students to obtain college degrees while in high school at no cost to the student and conduct renovation projects.