Quartermaine Opens New Digs; Mop Needed

Quartermaine Opens New Digs; Mop Needed

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Quartermaine Coffee Roasters recently opened its way-roomier second location in Bethesda at 10400 Old Georgetown Road, and the space is quite handsome—brick red-colored walls, sleek black granite counters, nice wood. Aside from coffee, the shop offers smoothies and fruit juices, plus muffins, quick breads and other baked goods. It’s a great locally-owned addition to Georgetown Square, which is quickly filling up with chain food—Subway, Flippin’ Pizza, Chipotle. And while it doesn’t have the cluttered character of the shopping center’s longtime, now-relocated Bean Bag store, there’s a lot more space (inside and out) to sit and relax.

One gripe (and it happens at lots of coffee shops): Why do many baristas fill the cup so high that it can’t accommodate a tablespoon of milk or cream? I sometimes lower the coffee level by pouring a tad into the trash, but I always feel bad about doing so, given the mess my spill (and others) will reek for the poor garbage collector. At the new Quartermaine, I didn’t dump; instead, I added milk, put the dangerously full cup on a café table and attempted to sit down. Between the slightly tottering table, and my clumsy nudge against it, the coffee spattered all over the place. Not a good way to start the day.

How do you deal with too-full coffee cups at coffee shops?

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