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Puree Artisan Juice Bar starts home delivery

Owner also opens only local vegan commissary

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Are you looking to purify, detox and glow without leaving the privacy of your own home? Bethesda’s Puree Artisan Juice Bar just started a home delivery service that will bring its fresh-squeezed juices, raw foods and soups right to your doorstep.  

Owner Amy Waldman said she decided to start the service because “I heard a lot of customers complaining—and rightfully so—that it’s extremely difficult to get around in Bethesda,” what with the traffic and parking.

What’s more, “if you’re doing a cleanse, it’s just convenient to have it at your house. Everyone is so busy, and it’s so difficult to find time to take care of your health,” she said.

The juices will be made and shipped from Waldman’s new commissary called The Plant, located on 10562 Metropolitan Ave. in Kensington, which she says is the only commercial vegan kitchen in the metropolitan area.

Waldman saw a big need for such a facility after she began looking for additional production space. All the options had “sinks full of grease, meat, and all kinds of things that are a huge risk for cross contamination for raw food,” she said. Fellow raw food makers looking for commercial kitchens had encountered similar obstacles, Waldman said.

The 2400-square foot space, a contractor’s former showroom and work area, was converted into a kitchen with sinks, refrigeration, sanitizing areas and a dishwasher, where only raw vegan foods will be prepared.

So far, others who are sharing the production space include Ape-man Foods (vegan savory items and desserts, sold at Puree), Capital Kombucha (making kombucha, the fermented tea), and in January, Joy Bliss Raw is scheduled to make her vegan truffles and fudge there.

For more information about Puree’s new home delivery, go to pureejuicebar.com and click on “shop.” The service, which includes a $12 delivery fee, is currently available for the purchase of single juices, juice cleanse packages and juice and dine packages.