2014 | Dine

Oro Pomodoro Receives Eviction Notice

The former general manager for the restaurant was told to hand in his keys and move on

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Men were playing music outside the restaurant on Wednesday afternoon.

Andrew Metcalf

It appears Oro Pomodoro in Rockville Town Square has served its last pizza.

An eviction notice from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was posted on the doors of the Italian restaurant at 33 Maryland Ave. in Rockville on Wednesday.

“You are hereby notified that you are scheduled for immediate eviction,” the notice reads.

The notice stands in clear contrast to other signs posted on the large doors that read, “Oro Pomodoro is creating a new experience for its valued customers. Please come celebrate our new look on June 1.”

The former general manager of the restaurant, Mike Marchetti, said the owner, “Told me to hand my keys in and move on.” Marchetti added that he doesn’t believe the restaurant plans to reopen. He said the restaurant had its power cut on April 28 and that the eviction notice was new on Wednesday.

A peek inside the restaurant through a gap between the doors revealed no sign of renovations taking place with tables and chairs still in place, but the bar cleared out.

The restaurant’s phone has been cut off with a voice message saying the number “has been temporarily disconnected.”