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First Taste: Jackie’s Restaurant’s new chef Adam Harvey

The fun continues

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Jackie Greenbaum always manages to find distinctive chefs for her eponymous restaurant in Silver Spring, and if brunch there is any indication, she’s done it again with Adam Harvey. An alumni of The Wine Kitchen and Volt in Frederick, Harvey replaced former Jackie’s chef Diana Davila-Boldin in May.

With brunch, Harvey has tweaked some items on the old menu, and added a few of his own appealing dishes.

Don’t miss his heirloom tomato salad. Slices of ripe yellow and red tomatoes are plated with two pools of aerated gazpacho, a tingly treat of spicy foam; swirls of green goddess dressing; chunks of super sweet watermelon; bits of ricotta and a micro-green garnish.

Harvey’s cheddar and chive biscuits with creamy sausage gravy and fried eggs are incredibly homey and flavorful, but probably best eaten on a cool day by someone with a hearty appetite and low cholesterol.   

And while the brioche French toast seemed like it had been cooked for too short a time over too high a heat (the exterior was rather burnt, yet patches of the interior were undercooked), the accompanying sliced peaches, blueberries, whipped ricotta and pecans mostly drown out the mistake.

I’m eager to check out Harvey’s evening offerings, especially Monday’s new family-style fried chicken dinner. For $12, each person gets three pieces of chicken, Yukon Gold potato salad, bacon braised kale, biscuits, mumbo sauce and a cookie or brownie.

8081 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, 301-565-9700, www.jackiesrestaurant.com