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Bakery known for dense 6-ounce cookies coming to Bethesda Row

Levain Bakery started in New York City in 1995; added D.C. location last year

Levain Bakery, known for its dense 6-ounce cookies, is coming to Bethesda Row this spring.

Photo by Kate Previte

Levain Bakery, a bakery known for its rich, dense cookies, is coming to Bethesda Row.

The bakery is scheduled to come to Bethesda Row this spring, company spokeswoman Pam Lewy wrote in an email to Bethesda Beat Monday afternoon. She did not have additional details.

Levain Bakery was established in 1995 in a small bread shop in New York City, according to the bakery’s website. It has since expanded to eight locations, seven of which are in New York.

The latest location is in Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood in September, Eater D.C. reported.

The bakery’s signature product are its cookies, which are thicker than the typical flat, circular sweet treat. The cookies are 6 ounces and have a distinct thickness to their texture.

The cookies are infused with chocolate chips and walnuts, oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate peanut butter chip or dark chocolate chip, according to the company’s website. They cost $4 each.

Last year, Levain Bakery started selling its famous cookies in the frozen section of select grocery stores.

Robert Dyer reported Levain Bakery’s plans to come to Bethesda Row on Saturday.

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