2014 | Dine

82 Steak Out coming to Rockville Town Square

Steak frites with American flair

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Rockville Town Square will get a refreshing, non-chain restaurant later this month when 82 Steak Out, a Parisian-style steakhouse with an American edge and an Italian-inspired name is scheduled to open in the former Tippy’s Taco House space.

Similar to Medium Rare in Cleveland Park, the restaurant will offer one basic meal—a salad, steak and French fries for a set price, in this case $18.82. At lunch, it’ll cost $14.82.

The brainchild of restaurant long timers Shelly Galloway and her business partner Anna Don, 82 Steak Out will Americanize the steak frites concept a bit by offering both a blue cheese chopped salad (in addition to the traditional mixed greens) and a choice of sweet potato fries or regular.

Galloway said she is in the process of doing taste tests among sirloin flap, flat iron and hanger steaks to determine which cut to serve.

Vegetarians will also have an option—a grilled Portobello with creamed spinach on top.

Galloway described the décor as “very old industrial,” with dim lights, open ceilings, concrete floors and lots of distressed wood, brick, iron and steelwork. Designed to set an upbeat, casual atmosphere that is family-friendly, the waiters will wear blue jeans and top 40s American music will be playing in the background. (There will also be a kids’ menu with smaller portions.)

As for the name of the restaurant, the number 82 means “the table laden” or “the table plentiful” according to the Italian book of dreams known as La Smorfia Napoletana, which correlates numbers with certain words.

The number conveys the feeling to “come and experience a full table of friends, wine and ambiance,” said Galloway, who lived and worked in Italy at hotels, night clubs and restaurants.

Galloway is married to Italian native Alessandro Ferro, who owns Pizzeria da Marco in Bethesda.

The two met in Las Vegas, where they were both employed in the hospitality industry. Galloway said Ferro walked into the Buddha Bar where she was working, they struck up a lengthy conversation, dated for three weeks, and have been married for 11 years. But that’s another story.

82 Steak Out will likely be open January 22 or 23 but check the restaurant’s website or call beforehand to confirm.

101-C Gibbs Street, Rockville Town Square, 240-428-1295, www.82steakout.com