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Man sentenced to life in prison for killing two in Burtonsville in 2018

Suspect owed one victim money for heroin, according to authorities

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Joshua Frazier, left, and Ashley Dickinson, right, were shot to death on Feb. 15, 2018 by Gregory Jones in Burtonsville.

Photos courtesy of State's Attorney's Office

A Montgomery County Circuit Court judge sentenced a man to life in prison without the possibility of parole Friday for fatally shooting two people in Burtonsville in 2018 in what county police say was a drug-related murder.

Gregory Terrell Jones, now 28, of Lanham, was charged with fatally shooting Joshua Frazier, 29, of Woodbridge, Va., and Ashley Dickinson, 34, of Alexandria, Va., in February 2018. Jones was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in early March 2018. On Dec. 17, 2021, following a two-week trial, a jury convicted Jones of both murder charges, as well as conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and two firearms charges.

Circuit Court Judge David Lease sentenced Jones to two life terms in prison without the possibility of parole, plus an additional 30 years, according to the State’s Attorney’s office.

In what authorities say was a pre-meditated attack, Jones shot Frazier and then Dickinson to cover his tracks after meeting them to pay a debt he owed to Frazier.

According to the State’s Attorney’s Office, Frazier had planned to meet Jones in the area of 14113 Aldora Circle in the Briggs Chaney area of Burtonsville around Feb. 15, 2018, to collect the debt owed by Jones.

Dickinson and Frazier were found dead in her running SUV just before 10 p.m. that night, police said at the time, after a passerby saw their bodies. Medical examiners later determined they were fatally shot and that homicide was the cause of death.

Police were not sure what time Frazier and Jones were killed.

Authorities determined during the investigation that Jones owed Frazier money for heroin. Frazier had told Jones that he wanted to send another person to pick up the money, but Jones insisted that Frazier be the one to come, according to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Frazier was “completely unsuspecting” of Jones’s intentions prior to the meeting and may not have known Jones had a gun, according to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

When Frazier met Jones in Burtonsville, Jones got into the back of the SUV and then shot him and Dickinson in the back of the head, according to the State’s Attorney’s Office. Jones then fled, leaving Frazier and Dickinson’s bodies in a running car.

Evidence during the trial showed that Dickinson had tried to back the vehicle out of a parking spot to get away from Jones before he shot her, according to authorities.

Detectives also determined that Gregory Jones’ cousin Tyshon Jones, of Bunker Hill, W.Va., was involved in the killing of Frazier and Dickinson. On Feb. 17, 2018, Tyshon Jones died after gunfire broke out at a nightclub in Berkely County, W.Va., according to authorities.

According to the State’s Attorney’s Office, the attack on the couple was pre-meditated based on the fact that Gregory Jones did not try to evade paying Frazier, try to get money from someone else or earn money from a job. Jones allegedly chose Burtonsville as the meeting place because he was familiar with the area and could get away easily.

Jones’ motivation for killing Dickinson after he killed Frazier was to ensure there were no witnesses, according to authorities.

State’s Attorney John McCarthy called the shootings an “act of cowardice against two loving and loved people.”

“The defendant in this case has absolutely no remorse and no acceptance of responsibility for the magnitude of the crimes he committed,” he said in a press conference after the sentencing.

Susan Dickinson, Ashley’s mother, said during the press conference that the last four years have been painful for both families.

“Is there closure? Yes. Someone has been found guilty and he’ll be in jail for the rest of his life. But life goes on in our families. And we’re missing someone very important. It’s never the same,” she said.

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