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County Partners With Designated Driving Company

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Montgomery County’s Department of Liquor Control is partnering with a designated driving company for tonight’s New Year’s Eve holiday and any other events in the next year.

Be My Designated Driver (Be My DD) is a company that offers professional drivers to those who think they have had too much to drink. Those drivers can take care of all the night’s driving or be called for the drive home.

The service includes two drivers — one to drive you home in your car and a second to follow and then pick up your driver.

The county has partnered with BeMyDD to offer participants in Montgomery County a free $25 annual membership. The minimum charge for a designated driver pick-up is $45 and all participants must have auto insurance.

The county is also promoting driving safety this holiday season with the regional Sober Ride campaign. That program will get you a free taxi ride home up to $30.