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UPDATED: Three women, two men among latest to die in Montgomery County from COVID-19

Fifty-four deaths reported in county as of Tuesday morning

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Coronavirus dept of health photo

Three women and two men were among the latest Montgomery County residents to die from coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, according to newly released information from the Maryland Department of Health.

The state reported 40 new deaths Tuesday morning, elevating the death toll to 302 statewide. This was the largest single-day increase since the pandemic began last month.

Fifty-four deaths were in Montgomery County, as of Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday, the state changed how it refers to deaths. It listed 44 deaths for Montgomery, plus 14 “probable” deaths. The “probable” cases are those in which a death certificate lists COVID-19 as the cause, but it has not been confirmed by a laboratory test, according to Kata Hall, a spokeswoman for Gov. Larry Hogan.

The Department of Health updates its COVID-19 page daily around 10 a.m., but generally does not share specific information about newly announced deaths until later in the day.

Montgomery County’s department of Heath and Human Services has not shared a breakdown of deaths by age or given any other information since the first six deaths were reported in the county.

The department wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that two women older than 80, a woman in her 60s, a man older than 80 and a man in his 50s — all in Montgomery County — were among the 40 deaths added to the state’s total.

The Department of Health has also reported information about other deaths before Tuesday. Those include:

  • April 13: A woman in her 70s, a man in his 70s, a woman in her 60s, two men older than 80, a woman older than 80
  • April 12: Three men in their 60s, two women older than 80
  • April 11: Two men older than 80
  • April 10: A woman older than 80, two men older than 80, a man in his 70s, a man in his 60s

On its coronavirus data website, Montgomery County breaks down COVID-19 cases by age and gender, but does not give a breakdown or any details of the county’s 54 deaths.

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