2021 | Coronavirus

One Montgomery County COVID-19 death reported through first five days of May

69 new coronavirus cases in the county on Wednesday

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Coronavirus dept of health photo

Montgomery County has reported one confirmed COVID-19 death through the first five days of May, and two deaths in the past week.

No new deaths have been reported in the past three days, leaving the county’s total at 1,477.

In the week prior, 15 new confirmed deaths were reported and 13 were reported the week of April 15 to 21.

In the first week of May in 2020, 86 deaths were reported.

There have been an additional 46 “probable” deaths recorded in the county since the start of the pandemic, meaning COVID-19 is listed as the cause, but it was not confirmed with a laboratory test.

Sixty-nine new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the county on Wednesday. There have been 70,075 cases in the county.

In Maryland, there have been 450,869 cases and 8,622 confirmed deaths.