2021 | Coronavirus

Montgomery County reaches lowest average COVID-19 positivity rate since October

County added 70 new cases of the coronavirus on Friday

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Montgomery County reached its lowest two-week average COVID-19 positivity rate since October this week, with the rate falling to 2.4% on Wednesday.

The county has been measuring the positivity rate throughout the pandemic based on a two-week average recorded for each day.

The rate was 31.9% on April 26, 2020, although fewer COVID-19 tests were being conducted at the time. The rate then fell steadily over the next six months, reaching 2.4% on Oct. 19.

A winter surge in cases then drove the positivity rate up to 8% on Jan. 7, but it has again fallen steadily since then.

Montgomery County recorded 70 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, bringing the total to 69,805 since the beginning of the pandemic. The county has added fewer than 100 cases of the virus for eight of the past nine days.

The county did not record any additional confirmed fatalities from the virus on Friday, and has had 1,476 since the start of the pandemic.

As of Thursday, 374,236 residents (35.6%) in Montgomery County were fully vaccinated, while 548,780 (52.2%) were partially vaccinated.

Maryland has had 447,401 cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic and 8,555 confirmed deaths, as of Friday.