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Montgomery County COVID-19 cases top 2,000

Total of 10,782 cases in Maryland

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Montgomery County’s number of COVID-19 cases increased by 200 on Thursday as local cases topped 2,000.

Since Monday, Montgomery County has added 502 confirmed cases to its count, rising from 1,631 to 2,133 on Thursday. The growth represents a 31% increase.

Between April 6 and 9, the number of confirmed cases increased by 421, or 53%.

In Maryland, there are 10,784 known cases of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, according to new figures released Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, the state began releasing the number of people in the state who have been ruled as “probable deaths” from the coronavirus. A death is classified as “probable” if the person’s death certificate lists the disease as the cause, but it has not been confirmed by a laboratory test.

As of Thursday morning, there have been 392 deaths and 67 probable deaths in Maryland. The death toll has risen by more than 100 this week.

Montgomery County has recorded 56 deaths, with 14 additional probable deaths.

Statewide, nobody younger than 20 has died from the disease. Most deaths were among people 70 and older.

More than 48,000 people in Maryland had received negative test results as of Thursday morning. Additionally, 2,451 people have been hospitalized with the virus and 736 patients have been released from isolation.

Three Silver Spring ZIP codes — 20904, 20906 and 20902 – remain among the five areas with the most cases. They have had 184, 172 and 161 cases, respectively.

Other Montgomery County ZIP codes had the following totals of recorded COVID-19 cases as of Thursday:

20910 Silver Spring — 105
20901 Silver Spring — 105
20874 Germantown — 88
20854 Potomac — 81
20852 Rockville — 71
20877 Gaithersburg — 80
20878 Gaithersburg —67
20814 Bethesda — 59
20815 Chevy Chase — 56

More data are available on the Maryland Department of Health website.

State health officials last week began releasing case data by race, which show that more African American people have tested positive for the disease than any other race.

As of Thursday morning, 3,987 African American people have contracted the virus and 153 have died. There have been 2,535 cases among white people and 126 deaths. Data show that 1,180 Hispanic people have tested positive for the disease and 15 have died.

The race of 2,476 patients is not known.

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