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Montgomery County coronavirus cases more than double in less than a week

Montgomery County records 693 cases; state has 3,609, with 67 deaths

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The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus disease, or  COVID-19, in Montgomery County has more than doubled in less than one week

On Sunday, the county’s total reached 693, with the state recording 3,609. The county had recorded 341 cases on March 30 and there were 1,413 statewide.

Across Maryland, 67 people have died, including 13 in Montgomery County, according to figures shared on Sunday. There had been nine deaths in the county recorded as of Saturday.

For six deaths in Montgomery County, officials have released information about them: a woman in her 40s, a man in his 60s, two men in their 70s, a man older than 80 and a man in his 40s. Neither state nor county officials have provided details on the other seven deaths.

For the second straight day, on Sunday, Montgomery County had the second highest number of cases after Prince George’s County which had 785. Baltimore County had the third highest, with 590.

More than 900 Maryland residents have been hospitalized with the disease and 159 people have recovered and been released from isolation.

More than 24,000 people have tested negative for the virus.

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