2021 | Coronavirus

Montgomery County adds 420 cases of COVID-19 overnight

Eight more confirmed deaths recorded

Montgomery County recorded 420 cases of COVID-19 on Friday, bringing its total to 55,951 cases — an increase of 0.76% in one day.

The county has had 15 days in January in which it added at least 400 cases of the virus. That compares to 19 days in December and one day in November.

Montgomery County added eight confirmed deaths from the virus on Friday, bringing its total to 1,220 during the pandemic.

An additional 44 “probable” deaths have been reported. A “probable” death is one that has COVID-19 listed as the cause, but it was not confirmed with a laboratory test.

Maryland added 2,396 cases of COVID-19 on Friday, for a new total of 336,915. There have been 6,617 confirmed deaths statewide.

In Montgomery County, 37,497 people had received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Friday morning, which is equal to 3.57% of the population.

A second dose has been administered to 4,254 people, which is 0.41% of the population.