2020 | Coronavirus

Daily coronavirus averages in Montgomery County have increased steadily since mid-August

Average daily cases have more than doubled in that time period

The following chart shows how the average daily number of COVID-19 cases in a given week in Montgomery County has changed throughout the course of the pandemic. Cases rose rapidly from March through May before tapering off during the summer. Cases have steadily risen once again since mid-August.

Chart by Kari Mason

Montgomery County’s average number of new coronavirus cases each day has increased consistently since the middle of August, more than doubling during that period.

Cases rose from an average of 65.7 cases per day during the week of Aug. 16 through 22 to an average of 168 during the week of Nov. 1 through 7.

Last week’s average is the highest since the first week of June, when it was 196.1.

When the pandemic began, the weekly average ascended from 1.3 cases per day during the week of March 8 to 244.4 cases the week of May 17. The weekly average started to fall as the summer months progressed.

The county had gone since June 5 without adding 200 cases or more in a day, until last week, when it crossed that threshold on Nov. 5 and 6.

The county also reached the 200 mark on Monday morning, when it recorded 204 cases to bring its total to 27,546 — an increase of 0.75% from Sunday. 

Montgomery County added three confirmed deaths on Monday, to bring its death toll from COVID-19 to 851, according to the Maryland Department of Health.

There have been 41 “probable” deaths in the county. “Probable” deaths have the coronavirus listed as the cause of death on certificates but have not been confirmed yet by laboratory tests.

Across Maryland on Monday, there had been 155,371 cases, an increase of 0.89% from Sunday’s total. 

There were 4,072 confirmed deaths from the virus statewide as of Monday morning.

The accompanying chart shows the average number of new daily cases each week since the start of the pandemic.