2020 | Coronavirus

COVID-19 cases in county soar to highest level in six months

Three new deaths reported

Montgomery County added 465 cases of coronavirus on Thursday – the most recorded in one day in six months.

The county recorded more cases on Thursday than it has since May 19, when 533 cases were added. The county also recorded 454 cases on May 1. There have been three days on which the county has recorded more than 400 cases.

Cases declined in the county over the summer from spring levels, but have increased in recent weeks. This month, there have been 11 days in which the county added more than 200 cases, and two days where more than 300 cases were added.

As of Thursday, the county had recorded a total of 30,298 cases, which was a 1.56% increase from Wednesday’s total.

A rise in hospital bed usage has accompanied the rise in cases in the county. As of Tuesday, 13.8% of hospital inpatient beds in the county were occupied by COVID-19 patients, according to data from the county.

Montgomery County recorded three confirmed deaths from the virus on Thursday, bringing the total to 878.

There also have been 41 “probable” deaths, meaning COVID-19 is listed as the cause of death, but it was not confirmed with a laboratory test.

Cases rose 1.7% across Maryland on Thursday, to bring the state’s total to 174,733. There have been 4,220 confirmed deaths statewide.