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Coronavirus Chronicles: Exploring Montgomery County’s parks and trails

‘Although I’ve lived in the county for more than 30 years, I’ve been wowed by all the natural beauty so close at hand.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: My 57th birthday during the pandemic

‘I stepped out to see 12 friends in the street, wearing homemade masks, standing a suitable distance from one another and singing “Happy Birthday” to me.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: Going backward to go forward

‘When we began to shelter in place, I made a plan to tackle a long-delayed project: organizing the family photos.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: Morning adventures with my children

‘Our goal for these adventures is to find something new.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: Learning to let it go

‘My name is Caroline. I’m 17 years old and I’m a perfectionist.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: The wedding I always wanted

‘I knew I wanted to get married, but the white dress, the Champagne flutes and the bouquet of calla lilies was never part of my picture.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: A reset for Gen Z

‘I do hope this disease, despite its horrors, may reset all our expectations, opening up space for our children to seek their own stories.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: Graduating without an ending

‘In the past few months, I have reassessed what I thought I was supposed to feel at school events.’

Coronavirus Chronicles: Sounds of Egypt in downtown Bethesda

‘As I strode past a shop’s open door, I detected a hauntingly familiar sound. Is that the Quran?’

Coronavirus Chronicles: Celebrating a rite of passage on Zoom

‘Though my father survived, his parents died in a concentration camp. My father’s granddaughter proudly sang her Haftorah verses to the 100 virtual attendees at her bat mitzvah.’

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