2019 | Bethesda

Six Bethesda Garages To Be Modernized 

The changes will begin on Monday

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The entrance to Garage 57 behind Bethesda Row.

Image via Flickr: Brett VA (CC BY-SA 3.0)

In Bethesda, where parking is at a premium, six parking areas will be modernized. 

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation will begin updating the facilities on Monday, spokeswoman Maureen McNulty said.

The affected garages include:

• Garage 35 at the intersection of Woodmont and Rugby Avenues
• Garage 36 on Auburn Avenue
• Garage 40 between Cordell and St. Elmo avenues
• Garage 42 on Cheltenham Drive
• Garage 57 behind Bethesda Row. 

Lot 25 on Maple Avenue will also be modernized.

The department will replace existing single-space meters at all six areas with centralized payment stations. The changes come as the individual meters near the end of their useful lives, McNulty said.

The new stations are pay-by-space, which allow customers to estimate the amount of time they need to park and pay before they leave. They’ll also accept a broader range of payment options, including coins, bills, credit cards, and cellphone payments through the apps ParkMobile and ParkMe.

“It just gives everyone more flexibility,” McNulty said.

The rates for all six facilities will stay the same.

Similar upgrades are scheduled for garages in Silver Spring and Wheaton, as well as Pike & Rose, a luxury residential shopping, dining, and residential space in North Bethesda.

Only six garages in Bethesda still have individual meters, McNulty said, including the five slated for modernization on Monday.

The sixth — Garage 47 off Waverly Street and Montgomery Avenue — is set to undergo an extensive rehabilitation of its concrete parking decks, which is why the payment system isn’t scheduled to be modernized, she added. Once the construction is completed, the garage will also switch to a centralized payment system.