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Bethesda Restaurant Turning Back The Clock On Menu Prices

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, a locally based restaurant with a location at Bethesda Row will offer 1979 menu prices for two days in August.

A family of Lebanese immigrants opened the first Lebanese Taverna 35 years ago in Arlington. It’s now a company of six full-service restaurants with a location at 7141 Arlington Rd. And on Aug. 20 and 21, it will also have $2.50 tabouleh and $2.75 baba ghanoush.

The full throwback menu is here. It’s for dine-in customers only and includes the staples: $6.95 for shawarma that costs $12.50 at the restaurant today, $6.95 for shish kabob that now starts at $16 and $2.25 for hummus that now starts at $6.50.

The 1979 menu special will rotate for two days at a time through all restaurant locations.

Image via Lebanese Taverna