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AAA Warns Of ‘Terrible Traffic Tuesday’

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A few days after forecasting the busiest Labor Day weekend in terms of travel since 2008, AAA Mid-Atlantic is now warning area commuters of an expected surge in motorists and gridlock on Tuesday, Sept. 4, as area drivers get back to work.

AAA Mid-Atlantic predicts 2.8 million commuters in the Washington area on Tuesday, causing a 26 percent spike in congestion compared to the relatively leisurely late-summer months.

“Rush-hour traffic this summer has been much lighter – especially this August when the largest number of residents who were away on vacation – so it’s going to be very jarring indeed to commuters starting September 4,” said Lon Anderson, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Managing Director of Public and Government Affairs. “Area commuters will be quickly reminded why the Washington Metro area is designated one of the most congested in the nation on Terrible Traffic Tuesday.”

There will be 1,265 school buses on the road in Montgomery County, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic, and all area school systems will be back in session.

Perhaps compounding problems in Bethesda (at least for those driving on area roads between rush hours) will be a number of area lane closures, including a 3.3-mile resurfacing project on Rockville Pike.

Flickr photo by bankbryan