4935 Bar and Kitchen Making Progress

4935 Bar and Kitchen Making Progress

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The owners of 4935 Bar and Kitchen, the restaurant taking over the space of Tragara’s on Cordell Avenue, are making progress overhauling the two-story space and are shooting for a late-January restaurant opening.

The upstairs banquet hall has come a long way from the spot that came to be known as a Bar Mitzvah reception favorite.

“Don’t get us wrong, we’re still gonna do those. We’re still gonna host parties,” said general manager/bar consultant Bourke Floyd. “We’re still gonna have a lot of fun and we hope that families and wedding receptions and all of that stuff, that will still be a large part of our business upstairs.”

But the more modern look, complete with sleek black furniture a sprawling bar and yet-to-be-installed riser for DJs and live music acts, definitely provides a different feel from Tragara, the 26-year-old Italian favorite.

“We have a chef from the French Culinary Institute. We have pretty dynamic cocktails and some stuff people really haven’t seen. We want to offer something that people don’t readily get in Bethesda right now,” Floyd said. “I’m not saying that there aren’t some great spots in Bethesda. But what we hope will set us apart from is we’re going to offer a top-dollar experience at a less expensive price than what some people are used to paying.”

Once the downstairs restaurant starts up (hopefully in late January, Floyd said) entrees will be in the $27-$32 range. It’ll certainly be a fine dining atmosphere, Floyd said.

The upstairs space, while offering the same menu, will be a bit more casual with the music and bar open late to customers on weekends.

While the dining area remains a work in progress, 4935 (at 4935 Cordell Ave.) is accepting reservations for events upstairs and will host a New Year’s Eve party.

Photo by Jane Mallen via 4935 Bar and Kitchen

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