Photo by Edgar Artiga

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Best Bike Adventure

South Germantown Mountain Bike and BMX Pump Track

For a change of pace from cruising on pavement, the South Germantown Mountain Bike and BMX Pump Track offers the thrill of dirt hills—and bumpy mounds à la ski slope moguls—for those who like to push the limits of what they can do with their bikes. The 5,000-square-foot track is designed for mountain and BMX bikers of all ages. With its banked curves, bikers can coast up and down as they accelerate around the loop. Young kids can simply cruise the path, while older kids might venture into catching air and advanced tricks. On each lap, riders can work to improve their maneuvering skills or see if they can set a new personal record on their time. The Montgomery County Parks track is along the Hoyles Mill Trail; parking is available in the model boat area. If you arrive at a time when the track is too crowded for safe social distancing, you can spend some time on paths nearby until there are fewer people.

South Germantown Mountain Bike and BMX Pump Track, South Germantown Recreational Park, Boyds, 301-650-4369,