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Best Driveway Turned Art Display

Rob Henry

Bethesda artist Rob Henry, 65, had several shows lined up last spring to display his art. Then COVID-19 hit. Galleries closed and shows were canceled. Henry, who creates watercolor renditions of serene landscapes, flowers and animals, wanted to continue to share his work, so he found a solution close to home—in his driveway. Starting in May, Henry set up an easel with one of his paintings at his home in Bethesda’s Wyngate neighborhood nearly every day (except when it rained). He planted bright flowers and pumpkins in his front yard and posted his painting of the day on social media along with a brief description of the creative process or what inspired the image. And people responded. Neighbors Henry had never met in his 14 years in Bethesda came by to see the art and introduced themselves. One woman who lives nearby started driving past the display with her father on the way home from his weekly physical therapy sessions. Henry even sold 11 of his works. At a time when cooped-up residents were only leaving their homes for a walk or jog around the neighborhood, the driveway gallery became a must-see spot along their routes.