Editors' Pick

Politician of the Year: Congressman Jamie Raskin

If there is anything on which most of the bickering clans of Montgomery County Democrats would agree, it’s that they despise Donald Trump. So it generally draws cheers from Burtonsville to Barnesville that second-term Congressman Jamie Raskin has been front and center in the effort to impeach the president. Raskin has been all over the media in listing Trump’s sins and, for good measure, blasting the “moral degeneration” of his GOP supporters. Even before Trump was elected, Raskin called him “a barbarian, a bigot, a lout, a narcissistic bully, and a serial violator of the rights of women” on Facebook. Go ahead and Google “Jamie Raskin and Donald Trump,” but have a fire extinguisher ready when smoke begins to billow from your tablet. Raskin was already a great fit for MoCo as a likeable and brainy constitutional scholar, but his central role in targeting Trump has turned him into something of a rock star among Democrats both locally and nationally.