Editors' Pick

Blowup of the Year: MCPS Boundary Study

Montgomery County Public Schools has two big problems: crowded buildings and the achievement gap. What to do? Well, what if the school boundary lines were adjusted to send some kids in crowded schools to others with empty seats? And how about mixing high academic performers with kids who aren’t doing as well in an attempt to boost the latter’s performance? Those are two of the elements in MCPS’s boundary study, which began in August, but some parents aren’t having any of it. An article in Bethesda Beat about an explosive meeting in April with parents drew more than 10,000 page views and 330 comments. The warring sides are completely entrenched. Those favoring the boundary study accuse opponents of racism, elitism and selfishness. Opponents accuse supporters of wanting to sabotage their kids and local property values. There’s a long history of boundary wars in MoCo and elsewhere, and this one is just getting started.