Editors' Pick

Best Place To Watch a Building Rise

Sometimes books and videos just don’t cut it. If your child loves construction (or you do), the place to go is the fourth floor of Garage 11 along Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda, where you can look out over the sprawling 2.1-acre construction site for the Marriott International headquarters and adjacent Marriott hotel. It took eight months and 15,000 dump truck loads of soil and building materials to create the gaping 60-foot hole in the ground. About 250 workers are on-site every day, and two 300-foot-tall cranes tower over it. (It takes 300 steps to get to the cabs at the top.) At about 425-feet wide, the site is larger than a football field. In December, construction reached ground level on the headquarters, according to general contractor Hensel Phelps.

If you can’t get there, time-lapse videos are available at app.truelook.com/?u=hm1537908851#tl_image_archives.