Photo by Deb Lindsey

Editors' Pick

Best New Toasts of the Town

Avocado toast is so 2019. After all, there are other things you can put on a piece of toasted bread. Here are some of our favorite new options.

Flower Child

There’s a lot going on atop Flower Child’s “Tomato Toast.” First, seeded toasted bread serves as the launching pad for a generous schmear of goat cheese and slices of red tomatoes. Next up: pistachio pesto—in this case, a deconstructed version, with a shower of chopped basil, chopped pistachio nuts and grated Parmesan. Then the whole shebang is finished off with a sprinkling of black pepper and a drizzle of saba (the syrupy Italian condiment similar to balsamic vinegar). It’s a colorful combo of creamy, crunchy and fresh.

10205 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, 301-664-4971; 10072 Darnestown Road, Rockville, 301-545-6750,

Terrain Cafe

The burrata toast at Anthropologie’s Terrain Cafe is as stylish as the boho chic clothing in the adjoining store. An ebony puree of balsamic vinegar, black garlic, salt and pepper paves the sourdough toast, cutting the richness of the pillow-y burrata cheese, and flecks of black lava salt and sprigs of microgreens complete the ensemble. When it comes to delicious, some things are just black and white.

7228 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda, 240-345-9492,

Sunday Morning Bakehouse

Sunday Morning Bakehouse, the sleek new bakery opened in October by Potomac native Caroline Yi, is the epicenter of takes on toast. The offerings star stellar homemade bread—a choice of sliced brioche or sourdough that can be ordered with five different (but equally comforting) toppings. The “Cinn-Sug”—warm butter, brown sugar and cinnamon on toasted brioche—is like a cozy blanket, making you want to curl up in bed with it. On the other hand, butter, creamy peanut butter and sliced bananas on sturdy sourdough with a strong cup of joe may be better for a morning jump start. Yes, mashed avocado makes the list, but so do tomatoes (thinly sliced with olive oil, salt and pepper) and strawberry jam (the “Classic,” with warm butter and a pinch of salt).

11869 Grand Park Ave. (Pike & Rose), North Bethesda, 240-669-8202,