Photo by Laura Chase de Formigny.

Editors' Pick

Best Riff on Cookie Dough

Following in the footsteps of the cupcake craze, cookie dough shops and kiosks are becoming the latest sweet spots. JennyCakes Bakery in Kensington tackles the two trends at once with its cookie dough cupcakes: chocolate or vanilla cake with a mountain of chocolate chip cookie dough as the icing. Heavy cream instead of eggs holds it together and gives it a creamy, not too doughy flavor, while still tasting like the real thing. Is owner Jenny Smith a fan? “Oh yeah,” she says. “I’ve eaten a lot of raw cookie dough.” So have her customers, apparently. Sales of the cupcakes “immediately took off” when they were introduced five years ago, Smith says, and they’ve been a permanent fixture ever since.

10419 Armory Ave., Kensington; 240-388-9989;