The Honey-thyme butter at Sugo Osteria is served alongside rustic bread. Photo by Laura Chase de Formigny.

Editors' Pick

Best Bread…And Butter

In a double tribute to his grandmother Addie, the namesake of his Park Potomac restaurant, Addie’s, owner Jeff Black starts a meal with complimentary biscuits and rolls, served in a bag imprinted with a picture of a school bus. Addie was a teacher in Texas, and these swoon-worthy starters are made from her recipes. No need to ask for butter, as the rolls are brushed with clarified butter before baking, and the square biscuits pull apart into layers of flaky richness. These are so good you’ll wish Addie had been your grandmother, too.

12435 Park Potomac Ave., Potomac; 301-340-0081;


With thoughtful attention to detail, Sugo Osteria welcomes diners with pretty spheres of honey-thyme butter and slices of rustic bread heated in the restaurant’s wood-fired pizza oven. Fashioned by an ice cream scooper into 2-ounce balls, the softened butter spreads and melts its way into the crevices of the bread from Lyon Bakery in Hyattsville. The taste of sweet and herby honey-thyme butter atop slightly charred artisan bread is divine.

12505 Park Potomac Ave., Potomac; 240-386-8080;