Photo by Skip Brown.

Editors' Pick

Best Unexpected Combo

There is nothing quite like practicing your downward dog to a soundtrack of death metal music (a type of heavy metal music). Once a month, people come to UP in Silver Spring to do just that during the metal yoga course, which features songs like “Burning With Regret” by Funeral. Inspired by a metal yoga class in the back room of a bar in Brooklyn, New York, instructor Sean Buchholz began teaching this class because he believes death metal music allows practitioners to “tap into something a little bit more primal, a little more primitive inside of us.” Buchholz draws on his experience in a hard rock band as he leads the class through a “performance,” encouraging each participant to treat their body as a performer and engage their mind as the audience throughout the 75-minute class. Everyone is welcome, even those who’ve never done yoga or listened to heavy metal before.

8083 Georgia Ave., Second Floor, Silver Spring; 301-920-0392;