Round House Theatre Artistic Director Ryan Rilette, left, and Olney Theatre Center Artistic Director Jason Loewith. Photo by Michael Ventura

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Round House Theatre and Olney Theatre Center Partnership

A multi-season partnership between Bethesda’s Round House Theatre and Olney Theatre Center means the two companies can take on larger, more complex plays than either could do alone. The collaboration, also meant to build audiences and highlight the work of both companies, started with the well-reviewed production of Angels in America this past fall at Round House and will continue with a second yet-to-be-announced play at Olney Theatre Center this fall. The partnership grew out of the friendship between Round House Artistic Director Ryan Rilette and Olney Artistic Director Jason Loewith, who knew each other through their involvement with the National New Play Network, a group that promotes the development and production of new plays. With similar creative styles, the two always wanted to work together, but didn’t have the chance until they found themselves working in Montgomery County (Rilette joined Round House in 2012, and Loewith joined Olney in 2013).


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